Entre la ciencia y la estetica
 (Between science and aesthetics)
Review of the exhibition Líquido, efímero, frío on Levante EMV by Rosa Ulpiano, Valencia, 2004

The Italian artist Sergio Zavattieri (Palermo, 1970) shows his work at La Sala Naranja. With the title ephemeral and cold of Liquid, he exhibits a series of pictures showing pieces of broken anatomy, animals internal organs, dead artificial bodies. They have some echoes of searched and rediscovered archeological finds in which it defines a chemical, scientific and cynical way to realize pictures. In this work we must not at all look for a splatter esthetic sense of the art, or a violence and cruelty searching. It rather is a scientific and esthetic cataloging in which the observer, through the light plays, looks for an impossible way out of closed energies. It is a cruel and poetic history of the human being, a last meal referring to an eating existence. It is suggesting to the observer ambiguous reactions toward the other side of the visual experience, leading to a stimulation of senses, to a gap between the physical and psychological experience.