Between true and false the photographic stories of Sergio Zavattieri
Review of the exhibition Between Realities at NOPX on La Repubblica by Olga Gambari, Turin, April 17, 2014

Real or fake? What does it matter? The ambiguity of photography is a wonderful charm in which everything is forgiven, that indeed invokes you in its seductive game. In the world of photography, appearance is a moving and changing dimension, full of visions, evocation, possibilities. Sergio Zavattieri explores this side, which is a border, with photographic works in which beauty and mirage stir up the archives of memory. Perfect pictures with a hint of the antique, created using techniques of the past, which seem to share things that are seen and then forgotten. Everything is credible. Everyone chooses his favourite based on empathy. Glimpses of a palm tree, architecture, eggs, ruins. Here there is cinema, literature, a story already heard, another picture already seen. Suspending time absolves any form of trickery.