Rostros sin sentimiento
 (Faces without feeling)
Review of the exhibition Falso movimiento on Levante EMV by Rosa Ulpiano, Valencia, 2003

We slip to a restless and cold plain of the new world’s cosmogony. We can see new arts in which from the horror to the factual it leads toward a new redemption, a new freedom of the experience. The scream and the desperation is not a language of a released movement. But Sergio Zavattieri (Palermo, 1970) shows his pictures through a Baconian movement in the El Puig Municipal Culture Foundation. Here his characters are empties of any feeling causing a tension in the observer who reproduces others models aware of the work and the body. But it is better to read a model vaguer and cathartic, rather than leaving any recomposed sign. The picture now becomes a tool to extend the man and it is not a part of him. It is a new definition of human being able to measure him. Zavattieri reads it through the body dynamism settling a total picture and photography communication, to convert the one into the other and viceversa.
The body splits line by line through the internal side of the camera like the movements of the animals in the fauna of Muybridge in splitting randomly. And now it redefines within the strange ontological abstraction through the human body. It is a new way of life and a new way of being where the camera is creating a vaguer barrier.  The artist makes free that by the esthetic illusion of a new vivid abstraction of the body as a communication medium that right nowadays gives man self-respect, where there is the immaterial and digitalization and virtualization socialize into a new universe.