Sergio Zavattieri
Extract from the catalogue Art Charnel by Gianna Di Piazza, 1999

The all-pervading insight into the shipwreck of existence becomes, for Sergio Zavattieri, a necessity of artistic research and integral to the work of living.
Having relinquished its sedentariness the thought returns to the path of uncertainty and disquietude, reviving archaic fears about transience and mental and physical frailty
There becomes a need to produce images which are not disguised but directly connected to the unbalances of existence, “earthquaked” images built with the fragments of the general catastrophe of living
Both in the conceptual freezing of the visual theme (raw meat as subject of still-life pictures) and in the reference to the action (the scream captured in the Portraits), Sergio’s photographs underline the intensity of a creative process which has its roots in some of the most interesting researches of international contemporary photography.